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I’m sure one day maybe I’ll try to sing it, but that will be really really tough to perform live. (Carson: “I can’t imagine night after night singing Bruises fade father, but the pain remains the same”) “And it kind of takes away from, I think the realness of it to have to routine it every night, if I do sing it I would like it to be really special and almost a rare time.

Xtina, about singing I’m Ok live,  TRL Presents: Christina Stripped in New York City, 2002.

(Carson: “So, how do you get through tough times?”) “For me, escaping it through other sources, either alcohol or whatever, it doesn’t work for me, or solve my problem in the end so, there I am hung-over with a headache and I still got my same damn problem. If anything I do find a pen and a paper or, God friends. I need that support group behind me.

Xtina, TRL Presents: Christina Stripped in New York City, 2002.

"Christina Aguilera oversings every song!" Let me prove you wrong:


Listed below are some amazing examples of Christina Aguilera showcasing her lower register with little to no vocal runs/riffs and incredible vocal control:

Save Me From Myself (best example!!!)

I Loves You Porgy (Live)

I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl (Live)

Life Me Up (Live)


This. <3

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