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Wow.. how can a little quiz like this be so correct? 0_O

What Color Is Your Aura?

You got: Violet

You’re unusually intuitive, to the point that you may feel that you have psychic abilities. Others sometimes see you as mysterious. You’re an idealist, and see the best in everyone around you — though you often prefer the company of animals and nature to that of your fellow human beings. You love to learn and to spend time daydreaming about the things you’ve read and seen.

Robin Williams. I can’t even understand that this unique and talented person is not among us anymore.. Just read the sad news this morning, before going to work.. then I come home, and is still real :’(

It can be so hard to understand how someone who seems so happy and positive (besides a troubled mind..), who have so much to give, want to end his own life.. It’s not that easy to know what’s actually going on inside another person. Always remember.

R.I.P Robin.

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